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                    Seamless Digital Identity Verification

                    The HID Identity Verification Service is a robust, out-of-the-box solution for digital onboarding. Flexible and highly secure, this solution is one part of an end-to-end consumer authentication portfolio from the global leader in trusted identities.

                    This GDPR-native, ID verification service allows organizations of all sizes to quickly and securely build a digital onboarding journey.
                    The HID Identity Verification Service offers:

                    • A frictionless user experience that drastically reduces customer abandonment rates

                    • Rapid implementation thanks to pre-built architecture and cloud-based delivery

                    • Low total cost of ownership (TCO) through streamlined integration and an all-inclusive pricing model

                    • Built-in compliance with eKYC requirements from governmental bodies around the world

                    • Higher assurance and better matching through AI-powered technology and trusted database vetting

                    • Peace of mind from choosing a solution provided by a world leader in identity card and passport manufacturing

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                    How it Works

                    Our industry-leading, biometric validation ensures that the person in the selfie and ID document are one and the same — and then validates key personal data with multiple trusted sources.



                    Photo ID

                    - Captured on the user’s device


                    - Up to 70 technical checks


                    - 50 point
                    biometric comparison

                    - Passive


                    - Document cross-checks

                    - Global verification through third party databases

                    Comprehensive Customer Report

                    - Generated in real-time, providing detailed auditable evidence


                    Global Reach

                    Proven leader in identity technology trusted by governments worldwide.

                    93% Pass Rate

                    93% of documents correctly categorized in real time during digital onboarding.

                    First Feature

                    Customize the user experience in minutes to meet your ever-changing organizational needs.

                    AI, Not Human-Assisted

                    Fully automated technical checks using AI reduces errors, security risks & operational cost.

                    In-Depth Address Validation

                    Go beyond simple address verification with biometric validation and multiple database checks.

                    Hassle Free Auto-Capture

                    Reduces user errors and ensures high-quality picture uploads.

                    Passive Liveness

                    Quickly confirms the information submitted is from a real live person with little effort.