HID Passport Datapage Technology


HID Global’s Passport Datapage Offering

Datapage Security Features

Governments around the world are implementing passport solutions that help better protect their borders while facilitating convenience and respecting the privacy of travellers. Advanced, multi-technology solutions are increasingly the norm to achieve an important balance between security, functionality, and return on investment. 

The most advanced datapage solutions address the unique risk/ threat profiles and requirements of each individual nation. HID Global’s government ID solutions customizes each datapage to meet those needs. HID Global continuously strives to add new security features to datapages in order to improve the level of security in government documents. These latest security features bring new levels of confidence and trust to your identity program.

To meet any customer requirement, HID Global’s datapage solution is available in two thicknesses – with or without RFID functionality: HID Standard Datapage (800um) HID Thin Datapage (600um) 

HID Datapage Benefits

Secure- Hinge material specially formulated to prevent separation from the polycarbonate body.

Durable- Document resiliency up to 10 years with patented Crack Prevention Feature (CPF).

Reliable- Secure contactless technology, proven antenna design for optimum chip performance.

Flexible- Easily integrated into all e-passport systems.

Convenien- Single solutions provider meets full range of custom secure ID needs.

Customer-centric. Market-leading design service creates artwork to reflect customers’ needs.

Additional Thin Datapage Benefits

Booklet Flexibility: The 600um thickness gives the booklet a higher flexibility, making it easier to handle
Laser Security: The thickness and overall structure of the Thin Datapage allows an extra layer of security to be added during the personalization process to further prevent counterfeiting. Information laser engraved on the front side can also be made visible on the back side.

Datapage Technology

Case Study

In September 2012, HID Global joined forces with DLRS Group (prime) to design and produce the new Irish e-passport.

HID Global designed and supplied the polycarbonate datapage for the new Irish e-passport booklet.

Unique features incorporated into the datapage solution included HID Global’s hinge technology and patented Crack Prevention Feature (CPF).

HID Global provides customized solutions. In the case of Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs, HID also managed critical updates to the department’s personalization software.

Beyond innovative security features, the HID datapage solution combines the most advanced technologies:

A. HID Hinge Material:

  • Easily integrated into the datapage structure

  • Highly flexible, yet durable so that if tampered with the hinge will show any structural change

  • Same melting temperature as polycarbonate to prevent separation

When integrating a contactless chip into the datapage, HID provides patented technology to ensure the highest level of security and durability.

B. HID Crack Prevention Feature (CPF):

  •  Protects against polycarbonate cracking

  •  Extends the life-span and overall durability of the polycarbonate datapage

  • Increases the ROI of the program by maximizing the durability, reliability and lifecycle of the datapage

C. HID Wire Transfer Technology:

  • Wire transfer technology preserve the elasticity of the wire

  •  Patented HID Global technology

A Powerful Combination

Together these secure innovations have positioned HID Global as the leader in the datapage market. HID Global is the only company to bring all of these innovations together to create a complete datapage solution in-house. To learn more, please contact a local HID Global sales executive