HID Cabinet Adjustable Height

HID adjustable cabinet system accommodates most HID Guardian ™ tenprint readers, as well as HID Crossmatch L Scan ™ palm scanners.

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  • Ergonomically designed to meet the needs of law enforcement professionals

  • Provides secure protection for scanner, monitor, keyboard and PC

  • Keyed lock

  • User-friendly placement of control elements and consumable

  • Durable, industrial-grade kiosk

The HID Cabinet Adjustable Height addresses customer needs with improved ergonomics, added flexibility and an expanded feature set. The system accommodates most HID Guardian™ tenprint readers, as well as HID Crossmatch L Scan™ palm scanners.

Designed with law enforcement professionals in mind, the user control elements of the cabinet are arranged ergonomically. Capturing fingerprints, palm prints and textual data is an intuitive process that takes just a few moments. Through thoughtful design, the cabinet helps to streamline the criminal booking process and enhance officer safety.

The system includes an integrated flat-screen monitor with optional touch screen functionality.

The large monitor conveniently adjusts for optimal viewing and displays captured fingerprints in full resolution. Different monitor options are available, touch screen and rugged enclosure.

The cabinet is designed to provide ample workspace for documents or peripherals, such as signature capture solutions, barcode scanners or additional input devices.

Optional brackets are available to hold a Bar Code scanner and cameras. This would allow users to permanently install a video or still camera to capture mug shots in addition to scar, birthmark or tattoo images. A customizable system, the Adjustable Height Cabinet delivers value, ease of use and high reliability.


  • Product Name

    Width and Depth

  • Lowered position dimensions

    Raised position dimensions

  • Weight

    Supported readers

  • HID Cabinet Adjustable Height

    24” x 25” (610 mm x 635 mm)

  • Height to scanner mount surface 28.3” (719 mm), height to top of 17” monitor 52.4” (1331 mm)

    Height to scanner mount surface 38.3” (973 mm), height to top of 17” monitor 62.4” (1585 mm)

  • 218 lbs (99 kg) with rugged monitor and scanner insert (without scanner)  

    HID Crossmatch L Scan™ Series, HID Guardian™


  • Keyboard Protection

  • Hide-away keyboard tray for standard keyboards


  • Cabinet is prepared to house a scanner, PC, UPS, keyboard; space on cabinet top surface and both sides of the scanner to hold smaller computer peripherals

  • Access to integrated components from front locking door or removable rear panels

  • Cabinet is compliant to design specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


  • Monitor Enclosure


  • Barcode Scanner


  • Mug shot system

  • Rugged metal enclosure and touch screen interface

    Ruggedized 17” color flat panel display monitor with standard VESA mount (100 mm, 75 mm)

  • Barcode scanner with optional mounting bracket

    Includes integrated mouse

  • Flexible holder for video/still picture or iris camera

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