Security Services

You can depend on Alyam tech team of dedicated IT security consultants to provide you with the solutions and services that satisfy your total IT security needs.

Alyam Tech Security Services

In a world disruptive technologies such as mobile, social cloud and big data mean a constantly shifting threat landscape, agile security strategies are critical to protecting sensitive data.

Good governance and compliance standards, such as GDPR, demand you keep customer data secure and failure to do so can lead to substantial financial penalties. These demands place an onerous responsibility on your organization and Alyam Tech fully understands the challenges you face.

Please of mind from knowing you have an IT security partner with deep industry knowledge and expertise helping you meet today’s demanding and complex security needs.

When you partner with Alyam Tech security practice, your organization has access to our team of dedicated and experienced security consultants with an industry-leading track record of reviewing, designing and implementing robust and secure solutions.

A Total solution, total peace of mind

You can depend on Alyam Tech team of dedicated IT security consultants to provide you with the solutions and services that satisfy your total IT security needs.

We do this by leveraging our strategic network of leading technology partners and our proven delivery methodology. We help you to build a trustworthy relationship with your customers while enabling flexibility and speed-to-market with the latest technologies.

You can have full confidence in our full suite of end solutions and services that will help protect ​critics.

Identity management

Identity management is critical for the protection and growth of your business

At Alyam Tech we provide and integrade best-of-breed software from key solution providers to ensure efficient web access management, directory/meta-directory and user provisiong.

At the same time, we offer strong authentication, access mangement, encryption and digital signatures, while providing centralized management of users and access rights for easy and efficent admistration.

To achieve these goals, we analyze your organization’s digital identity landscape in order to propose, design and implement an identity management framework that meets you requirements excatly. We also help address both the operational and security issues presented by a proliferation of digital identities.

Vulnerability and threat management

Increasing security threats and vulnerabilities in IT networks are common issues faced by organizations everywhere. Our comprehensive protifolio of vulnerability and threat management solutions and services can help you address and manage these issues to ensure your business is constantly protected.

Enterprise security solutions and services

Alyam Tech has a complete portifolio of enterprise security solutions and services to address your systems, network and application security requirements. Our services include wireless security solutions to ensure wireless LAN systems are properly managed and to guard against unauthorized managed and to guard against unauthorized access and intruion.

Information security management

Having sound security information management is crucial for managing risk, protecting, enforcing security policies and ensuring complianced with regulations.  Alyam Tech  has an experienced team of security information management consultants tasked with helping our customers to set up a complete security information mangement infrastructure.